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About Us

Registered Licence No.: 126/2015 - Individual Loan

Short Term Emergency Loans

Whatever the situation, you can depend on us to tide you through that rough patch.

Unforeseen emergencies, A&E situations, sudden medical bill at home, school fees for your kid’s university education?

A gift for that special someone, a vacation or just funds to tide you through the festive seasons.

Our various Personal Loan Plans will see you through that period.

We have flexibility to meet your needs, and cater to your ability to repay the amount loaned.

Email us at enquiries@a1credit.com.sg to speak with our friendly customer service representatives who will be able to give you a detailed explanation on the plans.

  • Payday Loan
  • Loan Transfers
  • Instalment loans
  • Business Loans
  • Business Financing Loans
  • Vehicle Down-payment loan
  • Festive Season Loan
  • Housing Bridging Loans
  • Renovation Loans
  • Fund consolidation loans
  • and many others to meet your altenative financial needs.

Our Policy to be transparent in all our explanation and transactions follows through; from application to the point when you receive the cash from us.

Our Loan Process at a glance:

Step One:
Application - Fill up the form on the right and you’ll be contacted within the day.

Step Two:
Speak with our Friendly Customer Service representatives, so we better meet your NEEDS.

Step Three:
Come to our office for documentation processing and collect your cash.

Are you eligible for these types of loans?

  • Currently employed or Self Employed
  • Be above 21 years of age on date of application
  • You are a Singaporean or of PR status
  • Currently not a bankrupt
  • If you are still unsure: CALL US (6336 0833) or WRITE to us to find out more

What Documents do I need to bring along?

  • Your NRIC (Original ONLY)
  • Latest original Payslip / Staff Pass (for employed individuls)
  • CPF Statements or remember your SINGPASS** (for employed Inidividuals)
  • IRAS notice of assessment for the past 2 years - Income Tax (for self employed)
  • ACRA Business registration (for self employed)
  • Proof of residence - latest handphone bill or letter (for both)
  • Remember your SINGPASS**

** In accordance with our confidentiality policy; we will NOT be keeping your SINGPASS for any reason.

Please let US know of any misconduct if any; you are our eyes.

Application Form


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These Marketing & promotion Notifications may be sent to me/us via my/our Singapore telephone number(s) (e.g via SMS, telephone call and fax transmission), via my/our email (for electronic transmission), via mail to my/our correspondence address and other means of communication, based on my/our contact particulars provided below or to any other contact numbers I/we may have from time to time.

I/We further confirm and agree that any consents granted to A1 Credit through this form are additional to any other consents which I/We may have previously provided to A1 Credit in respect of my personal data, and are additional to any rights which A1 Credit may have at law to collect, use or disclose my/our personal data.

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